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How To Unclog A Drain

how to unclog a drain

Throughout the day, it is amazing how much we wash down our drains. Whether it’s scraps from dinner down the kitchen sink or rouge hair balls after a shower, we put our plumbing through the ringer. Inevitably, things are going to get backed up. But before you go out and buy harsh chemicals to use,…

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5 Common Household Items You Should Never Flush or Put Down The Drain

5 things you shouldn't put down your drain

If you own your home, chances are, you’ve had at least one instance where your drains clogged up due to common household items. Although it seems like they should be able to handle even the smallest items, many times that leads to huge problems which can get very expensive. Even liquid chemicals, over time, cause…

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When Do I Need A New Air Conditioner?

do i need a new ac?

It’s a common problem. We tend to forget about our ac units until something goes wrong. If you find yourself asking “when do I need a new air conditioner?” then it’s probably time. At Warren Andrews, we follow the AC 5,000 rule; it says when you have repairs that will cost over $5,000 over ten…

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Prevent and Fix Frozen Pipes

how to fix frozen pipes

If you have a plumbing emergency or need help with your frozen pipe problem, contact the pros at Warren Andrews today! An Insulated Pipe Is A Happy Pipe Smiley’s 1st Tip, keep it warm.Wrap your Pipes with insulation in vulnerable areas like outside, the garage or basement. The attic is also an area of concern…

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