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Foundation Leaks

Foundation leak is not an inconvenience – it is a danger to your home and to you and your family. When the soil around the foundation of your home gives in due to holding too much water, the moisture will first start penetrating, making the house damp from the within. If you do not call a professional to deal with the situation at this point, soon the water will start to leak in as well. It is only a matter of time before this will cause a real trouble for your home’s structure, crumbling it from the inside.

Ways to detect foundation leak problems

Foundation leaks can be hard to detect in the initial days. Here are some of the very obvious signs of the phenomenon which, if you notice, should immediately take help from an experienced authority.

  • Lines or cracks in the wall, floor, ceiling of the basement are a definite sign of beginning
  • A feeling of cold dampness in the walls even when it does not rain
  • Wet spots, mould or mildew on the walls
  • Regular flooding of the basement or foundation during rain and storm. If moderate rains start flooding it too, hurry up and make the appointment. You do not want to live in a floating boat.
  • White residue on walls and ceilings mean water is certainly seeping through the bricks and concrete all over and damaging your house structure from inside

Foundation leak repairing

Just like foundation leaks can be detected by many ways, it can lead to different other problems as well. Apart from making the frame of the house fragile, it also causes health issues for those who are allergic to organic damp, moulds or mosses. The constant coldness of the walls can be a problem for the respiration as well and it is of utmost importance that you fix the foundation leaks as soon as possible.