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Tankless Water Heater Repair

Tankless water heaters do exactly what you expect from your usual water heaters, except they save a whole lot of energy and makes the water safer for usage and consumption. They are great investments and can be useful for both domestic and commercial purposes. Tankless water heaters heat you the water when you need it straightaway from the line, instead of storing and reheating repeatedly. And this feature lessens the complications in the device, and makes it less vulnerable to problems. However, every machine faces issues at some point or the other, and so do tankless water heaters.

Common reasons for tankless water heaters problems

- System overloading is a major problem in case of instant water heaters. Since these devices heat the water as required, we tend to use without paying attention to how much is stored or not. But tankless water heaters do not have unlimited capacity, and can only serve a certain number of applications together. If you demand hot water in multiple places – shower, kitchen sink, washing machine and so on – the heater might overload and crash. To fix this initially, you have to call a professional plumber and get help. In the long run, you have to either cut down your simultaneous hot water usage, or upgrade your heater to one with a higher capacity.

- Blocked air supply because of debris or insect nets, causes issues with air combustion and venting, which not only damages the heater, but can also cause fire hazard.

- Mineral build-up over years of usage can damage the insides of your tankless water heater as well.

Solution for tankless water heater problems

Your local plumbing agency should be able to handle a tankless water heater repair and let you know if the problem can be fixed or you will need a new installation.