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Washing Machine Repair

Washing machine is one of the most quintessential appliances of home. It is so much important that we almost do not treat as something special. But without proper care, any machine malfunctions. Usual washing machine problems can have their origins in multiple reasons ranging from its own technical fault to your mistakes like using too much or too less water or detergent. In some cases, you can probably fix the problem on your own, taking notes from the manual. But others may require you to call a professional plumber to take care of the issue.

Common washing machine problems

- Erratic spinning is kind of a common problem with washers. If your washtub or your drier spinner jitters while operating or does not spin at all, first check if you have done everything right. Check the water level and whether the lids are shut properly. If it is still doing the same, make the call to the plumber. There could be a problem with the motors of the washer.

- Too much shaking or excessive noise comes with age. So if your machine is an old one, maybe you should think about replacing it. But if it is comparatively new and still doing the same, it is better not to leave the problem unattended.

- Leakage is another very usual and recurring problem with washing machines. Water can leak from the main washer, from the drier, from the drainage pipes or any other apparatus. It can lead to bigger problems as well, like wastage of water or even electrocution from excess water pooling at the base.

Finding washing machine repair solutions near you

It is better to entrust the job of washing machine repair with someone who has the skill and certification to do so. If your washer needs repairing, call the nearest plumber or servicing agency to take care of the matter.